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E4 Energy merged with Twin Butte Energy
E.ON AG [OTC:EONGY] - Active in the entire value chain of the power and gas business, from power generation and gas production to distribution and customer sales.
EGPI Firecreek [OTC:EFIR] - Specializes in the rehabilitation of potentially high throughput oilfields, resource properties and inventories.
ENI [NYSE:E] - International company operating in the oil and natural gas, electricity generation, engineering and construction sectors, and in the petrochemical business.
EOG Resources [NYSE:EOG] - Substantial proved reserves in the U.S., Canada and offshore Trinidad
ESP Resources [OTC:ESPI] - Integrated exploration, production, and oil field service company.
EV Energy Partners [NASDAQ:EVEP] - Upstream Master Limited Partnership focused on acquiring and operating oil and gas properties within the continental United States. (Appalachian Basin, the Mid-Continent and Ark-La-Tex.)
EXCO Resources [NYSE:XCO] - Onshore natural gas and oil properties focused in certain key natural gas and oil producing regions of the United States.
Eagle Bay Resources is now Strategic Energy
Eagle Energy Trust [TSX:EGL-UN] - Texas
Eagle Ford Oil & Gas [OTC:ECCE] - South Texas
Eagle Rock Energy Partners [NASDAQ:ERCO] - Master limited partnership
Eagle Rock Exploration became Wild Stream Exploration, acquire by Crescent Point Energy
Eagle Star Petroleum is now Eagle Star Minerals
Eaglewood Energy [TSX-V:EWD] - Papua New Guinea.
Earth Heat Resources is now Rampart Energy
Earth Search Sciences [OTC:ESSE] - Developing advanced technology applications for the exploration and discovery of natural resources.
Earthstone Energy [NYSE:ESTE] - Rocky Mountain, Texas, and Gulf Coast
East Coast Energy is now Orca Exploration
East Energy is now Rare Earth Metals
East Energy Resources [ASX:EER] - Coal in the Bowen and Eromanga Basins in Central Queensland.
East West Petroleum [TSX-V:EW] - Pursing investment opportunities primarily in Eastern Europe, North Africa and South Asia
Eastern American Natural Gas Trust [NYSE:NGT]
Eastern Corporation is now Galilee Energy
Eastern Star Gas was acquired by Santos
Echo Energy Plc [LSE:ECHO] - Latin American exploration
Eco Atlantic [TSX-V:EOG] - Offshore Guyana and Namibia
Ecopetrol SA - Public company by shares of the Colombian State, exclusively devoted to search for, produce, transport, store, refine and market hydrocarbons.
Eden Energy [ASX:EDE] - diversified clean energy company
Edge Resources [TSX-V:EDE] - Natural gas exploration, development and production company targeting conventional shallow gas reservoirs in central Alberta, Canada.
Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company -
El Paso [NYSE:EP] - Largest natural gas pipeline system in North America and is one the largest independent natural gas producer in North America.
El Paso Pipeline Partners was acquired by Kinder Morgan
Eland Oil & Gas [LSE:ELA] - Nigeria and other locations in West Africa.
Elixir Petroleum [ASX:EXR] - North Sea exploration
Elk Petroleum [ASX:ELK] - petroleum redevelopment opportunities in the USA (Wyoming)
Ember Resources [TSX:EBR] - Alberta coalbed methane
Emerald Bay Energy [TSX-V:EBY] - Alberta and south Texas
Emerald Energy plc became a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinochem Resources UK Limited, a member of the Sinochem Group
Emerald Oil & Gas NL [ASX:EMR] - projects in USA and Western Australia
Emerge Oil & Gas was acquired by Twin Butte Energy
Emperor Minerals [TSX-V:EM-H] - Oil and Gas in the Europe, Asia and Africa
Empire Energy [OTC:EEGC] - Intends to explore in Tasmania.
Empire Industries [TSX-V:EIL] - Industry leader in the engineering, fabrication and erection of complex steel projects.
Empire Oil [ASX:EGO] - Operating in the Carnavon Basin, Western Australia
Empire Petroleum [private] - Leading motor fuels distributor of top brands in 12 states
Empyrean Energy plc [LSE:EME] - California and Texas
Enbridge [NYSE:ENB] - Operates, in Canada and the U.S., the world's longest crude oil and liquids pipeline system. (has an approximate 12% interest in Enbridge Energy Partners)
Enbridge Energy Partners [NYSE:EEP] - Own Lakehead System in US
Encana [NYSE:ECA] - Largest independent natural gas producer in North America
Encore Acquisition Company was acquired by Denbury Resources
Encore Energy Partners LP was acquired by Denbury Resources, then sold to Vanguard Natural Resources LLC
Endeavour International [AMEX:END] - Independent exploration company with a major focus on finding and developing new sources of energy in the North Sea.
Endev Energy was acquired by Penn West Exploration
Endless Energy is now Marauder Resources East Coast
Endless Energy - Wind farms
Endocoal was acquired by U&D Mining
Ener1 [NASDAQ:HEV] - Lithium batteries for hybrid vehicles and fuel cells for a multitude of applications.
Energen Corporation [NYSE:EGN] - Alabama Gas Corporation (natural gas utility) and Energen Resources Corporation (oil and gas subsidiary)
Energulf Resources [TSX-V:ENG] - DRC. Nigeria, and Namibia
Energy & Technology [OTC:ENGT] - Leading providers for the whole world oil and gas industry
Energy Partners [NYSE:EPL] - Concentrated in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico shelf, focusing on the state and federal waters offshore Louisiana.
Energy Quest [OTC:EQST] - Alternative petroleum refining and renewable energy
Energy Resources Corporation [private] - International oil and gas Exploration & Production company mainly focusing on properties that have current production with unparalleled room to grow.
Energy Services of America Corporation [AMEX:ESA] - Provides specialized construction services to the natural gas, electric, water, and sewer industries.
Energy XXI [NASDAQ:EXXI] - Properties are primarily located in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico waters and the Gulf Coast onshore.
Energy Africa was acquired by Tullow Oil plc
Energy Developments [ASX:ENE] - Power generation
Energy Exploration Technologies is now NXT Energy Solutions
Energy Partners [NYSE:EPL] - Independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company focused on the shallow to moderate depth waters of the Gulf of Mexico Shelf
Energy Resources [ASX:ERA] - Publicly listed company exporting uranium oxide to fuel nuclear electricity utilities in Asia, Europe and North America.
Energy Transfer Partners [NYSE:ETP] - Natural gas and propane.
Energy World Corporation [ASX:EWC] - Primary gas and power operations located at Sengkang, South Sulawesi in Indonesia; and also produces gas, power and LNG in Australia
EnerJex Resources [OTC:ENRJ] - Focused on the Mid-continent Region
Enerplus Corporation [NYSE:ERF] - Growth and income oil and gas company
ENGlobal Corporation [AMEX:ENG] - Providing a full range of services in the petroleum refining, chemical, petrochemical, exploration and production, co-generation, manufacturing, process controls, advanced automation and information technology sectors.
Enhanced Oil Resources [TSX-V:EOR] - St Johns Helium/CO2 field in Arizona and New Mexico
Enova Systems [AMEX:ENA] - Hybrid power
Ensco plc [NYSE:ESV] - global provider of offshore drilling services to the petroleum industry.
Enseco Energy Services [TSX-V:ENS] - Specialized oil and gas service provider in Western Canada.
Enservco Corporation [OTC:ENSV] - Provides a variety of well-site services to the domestic on-shore oil and gas industry.
Ensign Energy Services [TSX:ESI] - Second largest land-based drilling contractor and third largest well servicing contractor in Canada.
Entek Energy [ASX:ETE] - South Australia's Cooper Basin
Enterprise Oilfield Group [TSX:E] - Pipeline construction and horizontal directional drilling company in Alberta.
Enterprise Energy Resources [TSX-V:EER] - Montana and North Dakota
Enterprise Products Partners L.P. [NYSE:EPD] - services include natural gas transportation, processing and storage and NGL fractionation (or separation), transportation, storage and import/export terminaling.
Enterra Energy was acquired by Equal Energy
Enterprise Energy was acquired by Bandanna Energy
Enterprise Energy Resources [TSX-V:EER] - Does not currently have any projects
Envestra [ASX:ENV] - Owns about 18,000 kilometres of natural gas distribution networks and 1,110 kilometres of transmission pipelines, serving over 900,000 consumers in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.
Environmental Remediation Holding Corporation (ERHC Energy) [OTC:ERHE] - Oil and gas assets in the Gulf of Guinea, off the coast of central West Africa.
Epic Energy Resources [OTC:EPCC] - Integrated energy services company based in Houston, Texas.
Epsilon Energy [TSX:EPS] - North America and Africa.
Equal Energy [NYSE:EQU] - Diverse portfolio of oil and gas assets with producing properties located principally in Oklahoma, Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan
Equitable Resources [NYSE:EQT] - Energy company with emphasis on Appalachian area natural gas supply, natural gas transmission and distribution
Equity Oil Company was acquired by Whiting Petroleum
Eromanga Hydrocarbons [ASX:ERH] - Brazil oil
Esperance Minerals [ASX:ESM] - Oil shale
Espoir Exploration was acquired by Rockyview Energy, which was acquired by Direct Energy
Essar Energy Plc [LSE:ESSR] - Exploration and production of oil and gas in India, Australia, Indonesia, Madagascar, Nigeria, and Vietnam.
Essar Group - One of India's largest corporate houses with interests spanning the manufacturing and service sectors in both old and new economies: steel, power, shipping, constructions, oil & gas and telecom.
Essential Energy Services [TSX:ESN] - Provides oilfield services to oil and gas producers in western Canada
Essential Petroleum is now Somerton Energy
Estrella International Energy Services [TSX-V:EEN] - Latin America
Ethanex Energy [OTC:EHTE] - Ethanol
Etrion [TSX:ETX] - Solar independent power producers
Eureka Energy Limited was acquired by Aurora Oil & Gas
Eurocontrol Technics [TSX-V:EUP] - Pioneers in developing and implementing innovative molecular marking systems for the oil industry.
Eurogas Corporation [TSX-V:EUG] - Spain and Tunisia
Euromaxresources [TSX-V:EOX] - Gas in Turkey
European Gas [ASX:EPG] - Coal Bed Methane in France
Evergreen Energy [NYSE:EEE] - Coal technology
Evolution Petroleum [AMEX:EPM] - Northern Louisiana's Delhi Field
Excalibur Drilling [private] - Owns and operates eight telescopic double drilling rigs and operates primarily in Alberta and western Saskatchewan.
Exall Energy [TSX:EE] - Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, particularly in Alberta.
ExAlta Energy was acquired by Galleon Energy, now Guide Exploration
Exceed Energy was acquired by WestFire Energy
Excel Coal was acquired by Peabody Energy
EXCO Resources [NYSE:XCO] - Onshore natural gas and oil properties focused in certain key natural gas and oil producing regions of the United States.
Exile Resources [TSX-V:ERI] - Alberta and Africa
Exillon Energy [LSE:EXI] - British listed independent oil company with upstream operations in two oil rich regions of northern Russia, Timan Pechora and West Siberia.
Exoma Energy [ASX:EXE] - Galilee Gas Project, Central Queensland, Australia
Exterran Holdings [NYSE:EXH] - Energy solutions
ExxonMobil [NYSE:XOM] - Major integrated oil company conducting business in almost 200 countries and territories around the globe

FEC Resources [OTC:FECOF] -
FMC Technologies [NYSE:FTI] - Design, manufacture and supply of technologically sophisticated systems and products to the oil and gas industry.
FX Energy, Inc. [NASDAQ:FXEN] - Independent oil and gas company focused on exploration, development and production opportunities in the Republic of Poland
Fairborne Energy [TSX:FEL] - Mid-sized oil and natural gas explorer and producer operating in Western Canada and SE Saskatchewan
Fairmount Energy was acquired by Delphi Energy
Fairquest Energy was acquired by Fairborne Energy
FairWest Energy [TSX-V:FEC] - Oil and gas interests in Alberta and Saskatchewan
Falcon Oil & Gas [TSX-V:FO] - Hungary and Romania
Falkland Oil & Gas [LSE:FOGLq] - Operates in the undrilled South Falkland and Falkland Plateau Basins, potentially a new offshore petroleum province in the South Atlantic.
Fall River Resources is now Earth Heat
Far East Energy [OTC:FEEC] - Coalbed methane in China
Faroe Petroleum [LSE:FPM] - Focusing principally on exploration, appraisal and production opportunities in the Atlantic Margin, the North Sea and Norway.
Ferrellgas [NYSE:FGP] - Residential, industrial/commercial, and agricultural propane needs
FieldPoint Petroleum [AMEX:FPP] - Wells located in Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming
First Australian Resources [ASX:FAR] -
First Calgary Petroleums was acquired by ENI
Five States Energy - Properties located in the southwestern and mid-continental United States, all on-shore.
Flagship Energy is now Insignia Energy
Flint Energy Services [TSX:FES] - Integrated midstream production services provider
Flotek Industries [NYSE:FTK] - Diversified global supplier of drilling-and production-related products and services to the energy and mining industries
Flowing Energy was acquired by Sinopec Daylight Energy Trust
Flying A Petroleum [TSX-V:FAB] - Exploration projects in Louisiana, exploring primarily for oil
Focus Energy Trust was acquired by Enerplus
Forbes Energy Services [NASDAQ:FES] - Provides a broad range of drilling and production related services to oil and natural gas companies, primarily onshore in Texas, Mississippi, and Mexico.
Force Fuels [OTC:FOFU] - Oilfield operations in Kansas,
Fording Canadian Coal Trust was acquired by Teck
Forent Energy [TSX-V:FEN] - Western Canada and Nova Scotia.
Forest Gate Energy [TSX-V:FGE] - Alberta
Forest Oil [NYSE:FST] - Exploration, acquisition, development, production and marketing of natural gas and crude oil in North America and in selected international locations. Principal reserves and producing properties in Alaska, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Wyoming and the Gulf of Mexico, and in Canada in Alberta, British Columbia, and the Northwest Territories.
Fort Chicago Energy is now Veresen
Forte Resources merged with Thunder Energy and Mustang Resources to form Thunder Energy Trust, which is now Sword Energy
Fortem Resources [TSE-V:FTM] - Diversified natural resource company with mainly oil and gas assets in North America and Internationally.
Fortress Energy [TSX:FEI] - Natural gas reserves in Western Canada.
Fortum - Leading energy company in the Nordic area including the Baltic Rim
Fortune Oil plc [LSE:FTO] - Focuses on investments and operations in oil and gas supply and infrastructure projects in China
Forum Energy is now FEC Resources
Forum Energy plc [LSE:FEP] - Philippines projects.
Forum Uranium [TSX-V:FDC] - Engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of energy projects specifically, Uranium on the Athabaska Basin and coal/natural gas in coal project in B.C.
Foster Wheeler [NASDAQ:FWLT] - Engineering and construction company recognized worldwide for delivering high quality, cost effective solutions for the oil & gas, LNG, gas-to-liquids, refining, chemical, pharmaceutical and power industries
Fred Olsen Energy ASA [Oslo:FOE] - Provides exploration and production services to the offshore oil and gas industry
Freedom Oil and Gas was acquired by Richfield Oil and Gas
Freehold Royalties [TSX:FRU] - Owns a large number of diverse royalty-generating properties (mineral rights and gross overriding royalties) and working interest properties that provide income from crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids and potash. These properties are located in western Canada - mainly in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
Fremont Petroleum [ASX:FPL] - Operations in Colorado and Kentucky.
Frontier Oil is now HollyFrontier Corporation
Fuel Cell Energy [NASDAQ:FCEL] - Development and manufacture of high temperature hydrogen fuel cells
Fusion Oil was acquired by Sterling Energy
Future Corporation Australia is now Otis Energy

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