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QEP Resources [NYSE:QEP] - Rocky Mountain and Midcontinent regions of the United State
QR Energy [NYSE:QRE] - Upstream Master Limited Partnership (MLP) focused on delivering stable cash flow and growth to its limited partners through the exploitation of onshore oil and gas fields in the United States.
Qatar Petroleum - Established in 1974 as a national corporation completely owned by the State of Qatar
Quantum Energy Partners [private] - Equity fund specializing in the energy industry
Quantum Technologies [NASDAQ:QTWW] - Designing hybrid electric vehicles for the automotive industry.
Queensland Gas Company is part of BG Group plc
Quest Petroleum [ASX:QPN] - California
Quest Resource is now PostRock Energy
Questar Corporation [NYSE:STR] - Market Resources subsidiaries engage in gas and oil development and production; Regulated Services subsidiaries conduct interstate natural gas-transmission and storage and retail gas-distribution.
Questerre Energy [TSX:QEC] - Developing large-scale natural gas projects in Canada
Questor Technology [TSX-V:QST] - Waste gas Incinerators
Quetzal Energy [TSX-V:QEI] - Colombia and Guatemala.
Quicksilver Reources [NYSE:KWK] - Reserves in Michigan, Indiana, the Rocky Mountains and Alberta

RAM Energy Resources [NASDAQ:RAME] - Oil and natural gas properties, primarily in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma
RMA Energy [ASX:RMT] - Coal
RMP Energy [TSX:RMP] - West Central Alberta and southeastern Saskatchewan
ROC Oil [ASX:ROC] - Operator of acreage in onshore UK and Mongolia and offshore Australia and Senegal
RPC [NYSE:RES] - Provides oilfield services and equipment to independent and major oilfield companies
RSX Energy was acquired by Talisman Energy
Radar Acquisitions is now CanAm Coal
Radiant Oil & Gas [OTC:ROGI] - Focused on the onshore Gulf Coast area
Raging River Exploration [TSX-V:RRX] - Saskatchewan Viking light oil play
Raimount Energy [TSX-V:RMT] - Oil and gas exploration company with operations in Southern Alberta, Canada.
Ram Power [TSX:RPG] - Geothermal energy projects in North and South America.
Ramco Energy plc is now SeaEnergy PLC
Rampart Energy [ASX:RTD] - Projects in Alaska (USA) and Djibouti.
Ranger Energy is now North Sea Energy
Range Energy Resources [CNSX:RGO] - Co-developing a property in the Kurdistan region of Northern Iraq. (formerly Hawkstone Energy Corp.)
Range Resources [NYSE:RRC] - Operates in the Appalachian, Southwestern and Gulf Coast regions of the United States.
Ranken Energy - Oklahoma
Rawson Resources [ASX:RAW] -
Real Energy [ASX:RLE] - Operator of several large tenements in the Cooper-Eromanga Basins
Real Resources merged with TriStar Oil & Gas which was acquired by PetroBakken Energy, now Lightstream Resources
Real Time Measurements [TSX-V:RTY] - Provides premium quality products and services for electronic measurement applications to oil and gas companies worldwide.
Recovery Energy [OTC:RECV] - Focus on acquisitions in the states of Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas
Red Emperor Resources [ASX:RMP] - Natural resource exploration company with oil and gas interests in the frontier state of Puntland, Somalia and the Republic of Georgia.
Red Fork Energy [ASX:RFE] - Osage County oil and gas project in Oklahoma USA.
Red Star Oil & Gas was acquired by Great Plains Exploration, which was acquired by Avenir Diversified Income Trust -
Redflow [ASX:RFX] - Energy storage solutions
Redhill Energy is now Prophecy Coal
RedWater Energy [TSX-V:RED] - Oil and natural gas company actively seeking assets in Western Canada.
Reece Energy Exploration was acquired by PennWest Energy
Reef Resources [TSX-V:REE] - Junior oil and gas company with proven reserves in S. W. Ontario.
Regal Energy is now Novus Energy
Regal Petroleum [LSE:RPT] - Egypt, Greece, Liberai, Romania, and Ukraine.
Regency Energy Partners LP [NYSE:RGP] - Master Limited Partnership
Relentless Resources [TSX-V:RRL] - Engaged in the exploration, development, acquisition and production of natural gas and medium to light gravity crude oil reserves in Alberta.
Reliable Energy [TSX-V:REL] - South-East Saskatchewan and South-West Manitoba
Reliance Industries [NSE:RELIANCE] - The Group's activities span exploration and production (E&P) of oil and gas, refining and marketing, petrochemicals, textiles, financial services and insurance, power, telecom and infocom initiatives.
ReliOn [private] - Hydrogen fuel cells
Remington Oil and Gas was acquired by Cal Dive International
Renegade Petroleum [TSX-V:RPL] - Light oil focused exploration and production company with its assets located in Saskatchewan.
Renewable Energy Group [NASDAQ:REGI] - Largest biodiesel producer.
Rentech [AMEX:RTK] - Proprietary and patented process that converts synthesis gas (syngas) into valuable liquid hydrocarbons
ReoStar Energy [OTC:REOS] - current areas of operation; Barnett Shale and Corsicana
Reservoir Capital [TSX-V:REO] - Renewable energy company focused in Serbia.
Resolute Energy [NYSE:REN] - Producing assets are Greater Aneth Field in the Paradox Basin of Utah and Hilight field in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming, Permian Basin of West Texas and the Bakken trend in the Williston Basin of North Dakota.
Resolute Energy became Cordero Energy, now Ember Resources
Resource Generation [ASX:RES] - South Africa coal
Result Energy was acquired by PetroBakken Energy, now Lightstream Resources
Repsol [NYSE:YPF] - Integrated international oil and gas company, operating in more than 28 countries and leader in Spain and Argentina.
Rex Energy [NASDAQ:REXX] - Concentrated in the Appalachian Region, Illinois Region and Rockies Region
Rhino Resource Partners [NYSE:RNO] - Coal producer
Rialto Energy [ASX:RIA] - Carnarvon Basin on the North West Shelf, offshore Western Australia.
Rider Resources was acquired by NuVista Energy
Ridgeback Resources [private] - Exploration, development and production of petroleum and natural gas in Western Canada.
Ridgeline Energy Services [TSX-V:RLE] - Environmental solutions to oil and natural gas producers throughout Western Canada.
Ridgeway Petroleum is now Enhanced Oil Resources
Rio Alto Resources became West Energy, now part of Sinopec Daylight Energy
Rio Tinto Coal Australia [a member of the Rio Tinto Group] -
Riversdale Mining (coal) was acquired by Rio Tinto
Roc Oil Company Limited [ASX:ROC] - Australasia, SE Asia, China and the UK,
Rock Energy [TSX:RE] - Western Canada production
Rockbridge Resources [TSX-V:RBE] - Cardium Oil Horizontal Development Core Focus
Rocklands Richfield [ASX:RCI] - Coal exploration activities in Bowen Basin, Queensland
Rockyview Energy was acquired by Direct Energy
Rodinia Oil [TSX-V:ROZ] - Exploring potential world-class oil and natural gas fields in the Officer Basin in South and Western Australia. 
Rooster Energy [TSX-V:COQ] - Oil and gas properties are principally located in the offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico shelf in the United States. (was Probe Resources)
Rose Petroleum [LSE:ROSE] - Uinta and Paradox Basins of eastern Utah, USA.
Rosetta Resources [NASDAQ:ROSE] - Activities are concentrated in the Sacramento Basin of California, South Texas, the Gulf of Mexico and the Rocky Mountains
Rosneft [state owned] - Russia
Rovtech is now Fugro-Rovtech
Rowan Companies [NYSE:RDC] - Major international offshore and land drilling contractor
Roxi Petroleum Plc [LSE:RXP] - Kazakhstan based oil and gas exploration and production company
Royal Dutch Shell plc [NYSE:RDS CLASS A] [NYSE:RDS CLASS B] - Global group of energy and petrochemicals companies with around 101,000 employees in more than 90 countries and territories.
Royal Utilities Income Fund was acquired by Sherritt International Corporation
Royale Energy [NASDAQ:ROYL] - Owns and operates wells in the Sacramento and San Joaquin basins in California and in the U.S. Gulf Coast
Rushton - Manufactures Gas and Oil Process Equipment

SK Group - Korea
SM Energy [NYSE:SM] - Mid-Continent, Rocky Mountain, ArkLaTex, Gulf Coast and Permian Basin
SMA Solar Technology AG [Frankfurt:S92] - Develops, produces and sells photovoltaic inverters, monitoring systems for photovoltaic facilities.
SMD Hydrovision - Deepwater ROVs
Sabine Royalty Trust [NYSE:SBR] - Producing and proved undeveloped oil and gas properties located in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas
SacOil Holdings [LSE:SAC] - Pan-African independent upstream oil and gas company
Saffron Energy [LSE:] - Producer and explorer of natural gas in Northern Italy.
Sahara Energy [TSX-V:SAH] - oil and natural gas in western Canada
Saint Mary Land and Exploration is now SM Energy
Saga was acquired by Hydro
Sakhalin Energy [Shell-led operating company] - Off the coast of Sakhalin Island, in the Russian Far East, we are developing a world-class oil and gas project.
Salamander Energy plc [LSE:SMDR] - Independent Exploration and Production (E&P) company building a portfolio of assets focused on Asia.
Samson [private] - Operations in the United States, Canada, Australia and Venezuela
Samson Oil & Gas [ASX:SSN] - Australian based oil and gas company holding extensive development and exploration acreage in the USA
San Juan Royalty Trust [NYSE:SJT] - Oil and gas leasehold and royalty interest in the San Juan Basin of northwestern New Mexico
San Leon Energy Plc [LSE:SLE] - Exploration and production of oil and gas projects in Europe and North Africa.
Sanchez Energy [NYSE:SN] - Successful in identifying, acquiring, and executing large drilling programs over the course of 40 years of operations.
SandRidge Energy [NYSE:SD] - Focuses its exploration and production activities in West Texas, the Permian Basin, the Mid-Continent, the Cotton Valley Trend in East Texas, the Gulf Coast, and the Gulf of Mexico.
Santos Limited [ASX:STO] - Major Australian oil and gas exploration and production company with interests and operations in every major Australian petroleum province and in the United States, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Egypt.
SapuraKencana Petroleum Bhd [Kuala Lumpur:5218] - One of the world's largest integrated oil and gas services and solutions provider. With a workforce of over 10,000 people, the Group's global presence can be seen in over 20 countries ranging from Malaysia and China to Australia, Middle East, America, Brazil and beyond.
Saratoga Resources [AMEX:SARA] - Operations focused in Southern Louisiana
Sasol [NYSE:SSL] - Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa Sasol is engaged in the commercial production and marketing of chemicals and liquid fuels; with a growing interest in oil and gas exploration.
Savanna Energy Services [TSX:SVY] - Oilfield services company
Savannah Petroleum [LSE:SAVP] - Agadem rift basin of South East Niger.
Schlumberger [NYSE:SLB] - Leading oilfield services company supplying technology, project management and information solutions that optimize performance for customers working in the international oil and gas industry.
Sea Dragon Energy [TSX-V:SDX] - Primarily focused on North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.
SeaBird Exploration [Oslo:SBX] - Dedicated to providing an extensive portfolio of multidisciplinary geophysical services to the oil and gas exploration and production communities
Seacor Marine [NYSE:CKH] - Operates one of the largest fleets of diversified marine support vessels primarily dedicated to supporting offshore oil and gas exploration and development in the US Gulf of Mexico, offshore West Africa, the North Sea, Mexico, the Far East and Latin America
SeaDrill Limited [NYSE:SDRL] - Leading offshore deepwater drilling company
SeaEnergy PLC [LSE;SEA] - Offshore wind development company. (was Ramco Energy plc)
Seaview Energy [TSX-V:CVU.A] - Exploring for high-quality, long-reserve-life natural gas and light oil assets in Western Canada.
Second Wave Petroleum [TSX:SCS] - Focused on the production of crude oil and natural gas in Western Canada.
Secure Energy Services [TSX:SES] - Oilfield services
Seitel - Leading provider of seismic data and related geophysical expertise to the petroleum industry
Sentula Mining [JSE:SNUN] - Coal mining projects in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Mozambique
Sequoia Oil and Gas Trust merged with Daylight Energy Trust to form Sinopec Daylight Energy
Sentinel Rock Oil [TSX-V:SNT] - Western Canada
Sentry Petroleum [OTC:SPLM] - Australian focus
Serica Energy [TSX:SQZ] - Primary activities in the UK North Sea, Spain and Indonesia.
Serinus Energy [TSX:SEN] - Brunei, Romania, Tunisia, and Ukraine
Seventh Energy was acquired by PrimeWest Energy Trust, now part of TAQA
ShaMaran Petroleum [TSX-V:SNM] - Kurdistan focused oil development and exploration
Sharon Energy was acquired by Tuscany Energy
Sharpe Resources [OTC:SHGP] - Acquiring and developing bituminous coal and coal bed methane (CBM) gas properties initially in Central Appalachian Eastern Kentucky and Western West Virginia
ShawCor [TSX:SCLa] - Products and services for the pipeline, exploration and production, and petrochemical and industrial segments of the oil and gas industry and other industrial markets
Sheer Energy is now Cygam Energy
Shell Canada
Shelton Petroleum Volga-Urals area in Russia and the resource-rich basins of Ukraine.
Shining Bank Energy Income Fund was acquired by PrimeWest Energy Trust, now part of TAQA
Shoal Point Energy [CNSX:SHP] - Oil and gas exploration opportunities within Atlantic Canada.
Shona Energy [TSX-V:SHO] - Focus is on South America
Shoreline Energy [TSX:SEQ] - Junior oil and gas company with core operations in the Peace River Arch region of Alberta
Sibneft is part of Gazprom Neft
Sierra Geothermal Power was acquired by Ram Power
Sigma Exploration - Leading geophysical data provider
Signature Oil - Producing oil and natural gas in Kentucky and Tennessee
SilverBirch Energy [TSX-V:SBE] - Pre-production oil sands company
Simba Energy [TSX-V:SMB] - Focused on overlooked and under explored basins in Africa.
Sinclair Oil - Operates three of the most up-to-date refineries in western America, supplying customers the highest quality Sinclair gasolines, diesel fuel, and jet fuel.
Singapore Petroleum is part of PetroChina
Sino Australia Oil and Gas [ASX:SAO] - Provides their advanced EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) technology and services to State Owned oil and gas drilling enterprises in China.
Sino Gas & Energy [ASX:SEH] - Large scale gas assets in China
Sinopec [NYSE:SNP] - Core business of petroleum and petrochemicals
Sintana Energy [TSX-V:SNN] - Targeting assets in Central and South America, with an initial primary focus on Colombia, Peru and Paraguay.
Sirius Petroleum [LSE:SRSP] - opportunities in the oil and gas sector with particular focus in Nigeria
Skope Energy [TSX:SKL] - Shallow gas assets, located in southeast Alberta and southwest Saskatchewan
Sky Petroleum [OTC:SKPI] - United Arab Emirates.
SkyWest Energy was acquired by Marquee Energy
Smedvig was acquired by SeaDrill Limited
Smith International was acquired by Schlumberger
Soho Resources [TSX-V:SOH] - Bossier Sandstone Gas Play in Freestone County, Texas
Solana Resources is now Gran Tierra Energy
Solara Exploration [TSX-V:SAA-A] [TSX-V:SAA-B] - Crude oil and natural gas in Western Canada.
Solimar Energy [ASX:SGY] - Focus on oil and gas exploration, commercial development and production in the onshore hydrocarbon regions of the Sacramento, Ventura and San Joaquin Basins of California, USA.
Solo Oil plc [LSE:SOLO] -
Somerton Energy [ASX:SNE] - actively exploring the Otway Basin
Sonangol - responsible for the management of oil and gas reserves in Angola
Sonatrach [state owned] - Algeria
Sonde Resources [AMEX:SOQ] [TSX:SOQ] - olds a global portfolio of high potential energy assets including producing oil and natural gas assets in Western Canada, offshore exploration properties in Trinidad/Tobago and Tunisia/Libya, and a liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in New Jersey.
Sonoro Energy [TSX-V:SNV] - Current focus is asphalt (heavy oil) resource exploration and development in Iraq.
Sound Energy Trust is now Advantage Oil and Gas
Sound Oil plc [LSE:DOU] - Current project focus is on Italy and Indonesia.
Southern Pacific Resources [TSX:STP] - Athabasca region
Southwestern Energy [NYSE:SWN] - Engaged in natural gas and crude oil exploration and production in the Arkoma Basin, East Texas, Permian Basin, and the onshore Gulf Coast.
Sparta Capital [TSX-V:SAY] - under construction
Spectra Energy [NYSE:SE] - Leading providers of natural gas infrastructure
Spectra Energy Partners [NYSE:SEP] - Delaware master limited partnership formed by Spectra Energy
Spindletop Oil & Gas [OTC:SPND] - production in 16 states with a large concentration of production in Texas.
Spinnaker Exploration was acquired by Norsk Hydro ASA
Sprint Energy [ASX:SPS] - Gulf Coast, USA
Spitfire Energy is now Whitecap Resources
Staatsolie - State Oil Company of Suriname has the right to explore for and produce hydrocarbons in Suriname.
Stallion Group is now Delta Oil & Gas
Star Gas Partners, L.P [NYSE:SGU] - Diversified energy distributor and services provider specializing in the sale of heating oil and propane.
Starpoint Energy Trust merged with Acclaim Energy Trust to form Canetic Resources Trust, which was was acquired by Penn West Energy Trust
Statoil [NYSE:STO] - Leading producer on the Norwegian continental shelf and is operator for 20 oil and gas fields.
Stealth Ventures [TSX-V:SLV] - Coal bed methane (CBM) project in the Stellarton sub-basin in Pictou County , Nova Scotia,
Sterling Biofuels [ASX:SBI] - Biodiesel plant in Lahad Datu in the Malaysian state of Sabah.
Sterling Energy plc [LSE:SEY] - interests in a number of producing gas fields in the Gulf of Mexico, all of which have drilling upside. In addition, Sterling has an exploration license over the Reed Bank area, offshore Philippines.
Sterling Resources [TSX-V:SLG] - Holds petroleum interests in the United Kingdom, Romania and France.
Stetson Oil and Gas [TSX-V:SSN] - Programs in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada and in North Dakota, USA.
Stikine Energy [TSX-V:SKY] - Committed to becoming a dominant frac sand producer and supplier to shale gas industry of British Columbia.
Stolt Offshore is now Acergy
Stone Energy [NYSE:SGY] - Gulf Coast Basin-focused independent oil and gas company
Stonehaven Exploration [TSX-V:SE] - Canadian oil and natural gas exploration and production company with operations at Fir and Bigstone, Alberta. (was Donnybrook Energy)
Storm Cat Energy [TSX-V:SME] - Developing unconventional natural gas reserves globally.
Storm Exploration was acquired by ARC Energy Trust
Storm Resources [TSX-V:SRX] - Horn River Basin, Cabin/Kotcho/Junior and Umbach areas in northeastern British Columbia plus undeveloped land in the Red Earth area of Alberta.
Strad Energy Services [TSX:SDY] - Drilling Services and Production Services.
Strata Oil & Gas [OTC:SOIGF] - Exploration and development of oil sands and heavy oil in Western Canada
Strategic Oil & Gas [TSX-V:SOG] - Southeastern Alberta and northeastern British Columbia.
Stratic Energy was acquired by EnQuest
Stream Oil & Gas [TSX-V:SKO] - Albanian projects
Strike Energy [ASX:STX] - Conventional and Coal Seam Gas Exploration (was Strike Oil)
Strike Petroleum is a subsidiary of FairWest Energy
Strikewell Energy [TSX-V:SKK] - Alberta
Stuart Petroleum is now Senex Energy
Stylus Energy was acquired by Compton Petroleum
Suburban Propane - [NYSE:SPH] - Leading provider of specialized oilfield services and equipment focusing on serving the production-related needs of oil and gas companies in the Gulf of Mexico
Suez is now GDF Suez
Sun Coast Resources - One of the largest petroleum marketers in the nation. Markets in nine states: Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and our home state of Texas.
Sun Resources NL [ASX:SUR] - Carnavon and Sydney Basins
Sun River Energy [OTC:SNRV] - East Texas Basin and the Permian Basin in West Texas,
Sunbird Energy [ASX:SNY] - Coal
SunCoke Energy [NYSE:SXC] - Largest independent producer of high-quality metallurgical coke in the Americas.
Suncor Energy [NYSE:SU] - Growing integrated energy company, strategically focused on developing Athabasca oil sands
Sundance Energy [ASX:SEA] - Projects in the USA and Australia.
Sunoco [NYSE:SUN] - One of the largest independent refiner-marketers in the United States
Sunoco Logistics Partners [NYSE:SXL] - Transporting, terminalling, and storing refined products and crude oil
Sunridge Energy [TSX-V:SRG] - Heavy oil within the Alberta oil sands district
Sunshine Gas was acquired by Queensland Gas Company
Sunset Energy is now Challenger Energy
Superior Energy Services [NYSE:SPN] - Leading provider of specialized oilfield services and equipment focusing on serving the production-related needs of oil and gas companies in the Gulf of Mexico
Sure Energy [TSX:SHR] - Western Canada
Surge Energy [TSX-V:SGY] - Operations in Alberta and southwest Manitoba.
Surge Global Energy [OTC:SRGG] - Exploitation of oil and gas in North and South America with a strategic focus on oil sands from Alberta, Canada.
Superior Energy Services [NYSE:SPN] - Leading provider of specialized oilfield services and equipment, focused on serving the drilling and production-related needs of oil and gas companies
Superior Oil & Gas [OTC:SIOR] - Oklahoma and Texas
Surgutneftegas [OTC:SGTZY] - One of the largest oil companies in Russia
Suroco Energy [TSX-V:SRN] - Colombia.
Sustainable Energy [TSX-V:STG] - Develops, manufactures and markets advanced power electronics products for the emerging alternative and renewable energy markets
Suzlon Energy - Fully integrated wind power company
Swala Energy [ASX:SWE] - Australian independent oil and gas exploration company actively exploring the East African Rift System
Swift Energy [NYSE:SFY] - Focus in the United States on onshore and inland water areas of the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast and in New Zealand on onshore areas of the Taranaki Basin.
Sword Energy [private] - Exploration, development, and production of oil and natural gas in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (was Thunder Energy Trust)
Sydney Gas was acquired by AGL Energy
Syncrude [joint venture] - Largest producer of crude oil from oil sands.
Synenco Energy was acquired by Total
Synergy Resources Corporation [AMEX:SYRG] - Denver-Julesburg Basin (centered in eastern Colorado that extends into southeast Wyoming, western Nebraska and Kansas)
Syngas [ASX:SYS] - Australian oil and gas company

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